Plant Power Bowls

Plant Power Bowls is the debut cookbook of Real + Vibrant founder Sapana Chandra. After healing herself from chronic illness, Sapana launched Real + Vibrant in 2016, a growing food blog where she teaches her audience how to cook simple, delicious, mostly plant-based meals. 

Recipes in Plant Power Bowls are arranged seasonally so you can make the most of your area’s local bounty and eat fresh throughout the year. There’s an entire chapter dedicated to sweet treats, including several coconut-milk-based ice creams.

The cookbook contains nutritionally sound and simple plant-based power bowls to boost your energy and fuel your body. A photograph is featured for each one of the 70 vegan recipes. It’s perfect for both beginners starting from the ground up and experienced cooks looking for new ideas. There’s something for everyone!

“These Buddha bowls will blow you away with their fresh flavors (and how great they make you feel!).” – Alive Magazine


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What's Inside?

  • 70 delicious plant-based recipes, organized by season
  • An entire chapter on vegan desserts
  • A guide on how to design your own bowls
  • Suggestions for essential tools to help run your plant-powered kitchen
  • Suggestions on ingredients to stock up your pantry
  • Tips on how to prepare meals
  • ...and so much more!

Cookbook Chapters

  • Spring Bowls - including Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower & Garlicky Chickpea Bowl, Masala Chickpea Buddha Bowl, and more!
  • Summer Bowls - including Watermelon & Arugula Bowl, Summer Garden Patch Bowl, and more!
  • Fall Bowls - including Fall Harvest Squash Bowl, Autumn Chopped Salad Bowl, and more!
  • Winter Bowls - including Coconut-Chickpea Curry & Broccoli Bowl, Roasted Beet & Spicy Lentil Bowl, and more!
  • Treat Bowls - including Chocolate-Tahini Fudge Ice Cream, Berry Banana Split Bowl, and more!
  • Basic How-To Recipes

Praise for Plant Power Bowls

These Buddha bowls will blow you away with their fresh flavors (and how great they make you feel!).
Alive Magazine
March/April 2019 Print Issue
...Sapana Chanda, the lovely face behind the blog Real + Vibrant, has just released an entire book of fresh, innovative ideas. Plant Power Bowls introduces 70 new recipes to help shake up any meal! The book is arranged by season, so it’s easy to work through with seasonal vegetables, which helps to ensure your food is as fresh as possible!
Raise Vegan
Highly recommended.
Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine


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About the Author

Sapana Chandra is a plant-based, professional cook, social media influencer, and holistic health coach. She launched Real + Vibrant in 2016 after healing herself from chronic illness. Real + Vibrant is a growing healthy-lifestyle business where Sapana teaches how to cook simple, delicious, mostly plant-based meals. She has been featured in Elephant Journal, Clean Eating, Thrive, and Mantra Yoga + Health and her photos have been featured by PureWow, Brides, Whole Foods, Food52, Cooking Light, SELF, and Mindbodygreen, among others. She lives in Seattle, WA. Read her story here.