Let's Work Together

I’d love to work together to feature your brand to my audience. See below for more information about various ways we can work together for recipe development, food photography and styling, sponsored posts, and  brand ambassadorships in the form of blog posts, social media or public appearances. Please email [email protected] for a media kit containing rates and more details.


Sponsored Posts

Real + Vibrant has a loyal fan base of primarily women, ages 25-34. I understand the power of social media with over 150K Instagram followers. Consumers today are more connected, empowered, and visually-driven than ever before. I have 3 years of experience in working with food brands and understand what it takes to reach your targeted audience.


Food Photography & Styling

I offer high quality professional photography, styling and editing available to post on social media platforms, your website or even on marketing or packaging materials. After spending months shooing my own cookbook Plant Power Bowls (Sasquatch Books, April 2019), I understand the power of beautiful and stunning photography.

Recipe Development

Thanks to the process of writing my cookbook Plant Power Bowls, I have developed professional experience in developing, testing and finalizing unique, delicious and accessible recipes. I develop recipes with high quality ingredients and generally use organic products as much as possible to deliver a valuable recipe that highlights your product in the best light. 

More Questions?

Whether you’re ready to move forward or just have a question, please reach out! 

Email me at [email protected]